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  • Free hosted search engine for your site and mobile app
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ready to use AJAX search box
  • Fully customizable


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Selected customers

search box demo

search box demo

Famous international men's magazine
With Indexisto search engine amount of page views after search increased by 35%.
Click the logo to experience Indexisto search on Maxim's web. Search box is located in the site's header.
Leading Internet company in Russia
With Indexisto search engine amount of search box uses increased by 20%.
Click the logo to experience Indexisto search in one of the projects. Search box is located in the middle column of the page over the article preview.

Plans and packages


  • Advertisement block may appear in search results. The block will be clearly marked as sponsored and will be displayed on the right side of search results
  • 10.000.000 document index limit


  • No advertisement
  • $29/month - 500.000 document index limit
  • $49/month - 1.000.000 document index limit
  • $99/month - 5.000.000 document index limit


  • Big portal or e-commerce?
  • Private search cloud
  • Big data support
  • Setup of semantic queries, e.g. “cheap big android phone”
  • Fully managed index with 24/7 support
  • Price: on demand

More features for your website search

Customizable search results representation
  • Define what to include into your search results representation;
  • Customize the overlay size and style;
  • Prioritize your search results as you need them;
Highest accuracy of content indexing
  • Newly posted content available in search results in just 1 minute after publishing;
  • Content images included into search results;
  • Structured content indexing (topic feeds, forum posts, etc.);
Single search service for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Ready to use JS for your site;
  • Search API that returns JSON search results for mobile applications;
  • Customizable search results depending on application type;


Customizable layouts for search results

Full screen overlay with facets, sorts and other options
Mobile with on screen keyboard adapted results
Tablet-adapted results


Upload documents via API

Typical REST API for adding, deleting, updating documents in index.

Full Elastic Search query DSL syntaxis

Create various queries, such as facet-, highlight-, prefix-, count- and other queries over your index.

Lots of options in the web-based Admin panel
  • Logs from all subsystems
  • Create and test search queries in Elastic Search format
  • Create and test text analyzers in Elastic search format
  • Create and test data import settings: from your DB and/or from the crawler
  • Document post processing with Java Script
  • A lot of helpful tools, such as automatic image download and resize
Upload documents via DB connector

Place a small secure DB-agent on your server to execute SELECT queries, form «flat» documents and send them to the index.

CSS and HTML editable templates

Create your own search results look and feel using Musctahe templates and CSS

Elastic Search under the hood
  • SSD powered hosted Elastic Search with 3x replication
  • Full support for Elastic Search DSL queries (facets, suggestions, etc.)
  • Full support for Lucene text tokenizers / analyzers
  • Enhanced Elastic Search prefix query



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